Explore the exciting world of novel dry compressor technology and cooling solutions for your application. Based on the ambitious idea of saving up to 50% of input energy in low temperature cooling systems, Pressure Wave Systems is pioneering the use of electrohydraulically driven metal bellows in dry low frequency compressors for a variety of today’s leading edge applications such as quantum communication and quantum  computing.


DPG Frühjahrstagung, Berlin
11.03. — 16.03.2018
Zelt/Tent Stand Nummer 04
APS March Meeting, Los Angeles
05.03. — 09.03.2018
Los Angeles Convention Center, Booth 509


Pressure Wave Systems GmbH

Pressure Wave Systems GmbH is a Munich based start-up dedicated to develop, produce and market oil-free compressors for GM and pulse tube cryocoolers as well as for applications where clean/high purity gases need to be compressed or circulated without any contamination.

One of our mid-term goals is to create a cryocooler which will allow for substantial electrical input energy savings compared to conventional GM and pulse tube cryocooler systems running on scroll-type compressors.

Our current areas of activity are cryogenics for quantum information technologies such as quantum communication and quantum computing as well as materials analysis and industrial applications.

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